About Us

The Global Achievement Advocacy Convention (GAAC) (Pty Ltd is the registered corporate successor institution that succeeds the very successful National Youth Development Trust (NYDT) that was established more than 20 years ago to facilitate public benefit as non-profit organisation..

The GAAC is a corporate member of the CuratorCo Group of Corporate Entities

The other alliance members of the corporate entities are the following:

  1. The CuratorCo Achievement Advocacy International (CAAI) Pty Ltd
  2. Intelnet Global Software Solutions (Pty) Ltd

The CuratorCo Group of Corporate Entities create opportunities to its clients to design business models around their Intellectual Property (IP) Achievements by setting up,under the protective CuratorCo domain, .pic companies or .prac professional practices relevant to their respective career paths.

The C.PAT (Career Prediction and Achievement Tracking) Programme of the CuratorCo Group of Corporate entities allow its clients to custom-design and develop their future careers as business entities which are linked to Global Skills and product markets, - shaping it in accordance with their career related requirements and needs.

Intelligent Business Model Design is unlimited and uncontrolled free learning that taps into the Global Reservoir of Prosperity and Wealth: Cyberspace has no borders, allows ideas to develop into discovery, invention, innovation and creative design ideas to migrate across geographic borders to the Global IP Market-space