Career design and development

Career design and development are most effective in the long term is C.PAT starts in the 4-6 year old age group.

There are various steps required for participation in the CuratorCo Programme:

Schools and Science Clubs may also register as Collective Clientéle and pay special agreed-on research and development team-fee. A unique component of the CuratorCo Programme is the collective participation of individual clients, and schools and/or Science Clubs in various countries in collective context.

Special provision is made for young persons with affected ability, and IP Valuation is done by a Table-4-6 Panel existing of:

  1. The CuratorCo Convener, llocated to this programme/project
  2. The Parents
  3. A primary school teacher
  4. A selected Occupational Therapist (OT)
  5. A corporate expert (SME) in the valuation and appreciation of IP related achievement
  6. A corporate expert in corporate marketing